* If you, or a friend are interested in helping with items; Please visit our 'Contact Us' page, to get a list of approved items, and more information on getting involved.

* Above: One of our many care packages being sent out to a soldier in need. A minimum of 21 item's to let them know WE are here to support them!

Warrior Box Marketing

Mission Statement:

The mission of Warrior Box Marketing LLC is genuine, and simple. We are here to respectfully raise funds, to send top-quality care packages to active duty military personnel of all areas. Warrior Box Marketing not only allows community members; but also inspired, young adult's to get involved in supporting our soldiers, by reaching out to other's by using appropriate communication skills. Whether it's helping fundraise for the care packages, volunteering to help put them together, or even sending in new item's to be added to the boxes -- Warrior Box Marketing allows all to be a part of a positive impact while gaining the experience of a life-time.