Warrior Box Marketing

PNW Warrior Box Marketing is an Everett, WA based LLC.

More About Warrior Box Marketing:


Warrior Box Marketing focuses supporting soldiers that receive less correspondence than other troops; This is done by boosting the moral through the gift of a high-quality care package from a stranger. In addition, we also support newer soldiers, that are having a hard time adjusting to the military life-style. Something new the Warrior Box Team is also looking into is, helping Retired Veterans that are in hospitals/ nursing homes. We provide the services that we offer, simply by offering employment to locally inspired, hard-working individuals. Please note, most that are involved in care package fundraising do so, because they have military background in the family, and want to get involved in a way that they finally can!  All submitting an application for employment, are submitted to a criminal background check, and a drug test. For any given purpose, a drug screening will be administered.