Warrior Box Marketing


"Sending letters of love, gratitude, and appreciation one stamp at a time."

* Letters are sent to active-duty soldiers of both genders, and to the four major branches. ( ARMY, NAVY, MARINE CORPS, and AIR FORCE )

Are you wanting...

  • to send a letter of appreciation to an active soldier?
  • to host a classroom letter-writing project?
  • to send letters that you/your family wrote?

PNW Warrior Box Marketing not only allows, but encourages community members to support our troops in any way possible! If you have a letter you would like send; complete the form below. In the comment box is where you write your letter for the troops; or you can copy and paste. To protect the identities of our soldiers, we cannot provide direct names/ addresses; therefore please make your note is as general as possible. If you would like to have children drawing added into our care packages; feel free to send them to our post office box at :


P.O. BOX 4132



*If sending more than one drawing, (OR) you are sending in more than one hand-written letter; please send in a single package. If you cannot obtain packaging/shipping materials please submit letter form below, (OR) if for drawing(s) contact us at: warriorboxmarketing@gmail.com