Warrior Box Marketing

Q: How often do you send care packages?

A: We pay for the packages to be shipped out once a week. The reason being, is we like to send as many as we can at a time, but have them shipped as quickly as possible as well.

A: There is simply no customer service number provided for Warrior Box Marketing because we do not want to take away from care package fund's to provide that service. In contrast, having a customer service email is provided so you are able to contact us, and get question's answered/ give feedback. For the search engine's; just like the customer service line, we do not want to take away for care package fund's, therefore we do not pay for internet advertising.

Q: Can I mail in my own care packages?

A: Yes, representatives are paid a small portion off of every sale they make. They receive $0.20 off every $1.00. Having a sale's based foundation; every individual set's their own personal goal's, (ex. 20 care package's over the weekend), and when they meet their goal, they receive a bonus of being able to choose a gift card to a store of choice. ( Please note this gift card NEVER exceeds $100 ).  

A: All banks and other like merchant services take a percentage from every package, and would take away from the actual Warrior Boxes themselves. 

Q: How did your representative get to my community?

Q: Why isn't there a customer service number, (OR) why can't Warrior Box Marketing be found on some computer search engines?

A. No; As we consider each purchase a 'sale,' (even partial's), we must pay taxes on that sale, and therefore your purchase of this care package is not a tax deduction. Although by law, whatever amount contributed is to be recorded on a receipt, ( with accurate date of purchase, and agent ID number), with a copy provided at the scene.

Q: Why isn't there a credit line for customers?

A: Due to the agreement we have when we are provided with APO's, etc. we cannot give out the names and addresses of active duty soldiers. We work very hard to get as many addresses as we can, and are very excited to expand and start supporting Indianapolis Servicemen to help more than just the PNW region.


A: Yes. You can send in select item's, or you can send in a care package built by you and your family, and we will forward it to a soldier in need. ( Please note, the care package will still be sent on behalf of your family). Visit our 'Contact Us' page to get more information about approved item's, and how to get involved.

A: As we are based out of Washington State, and have and Indianapolis, IN office; We focus on going to low-crime area's in the state of Washington, as well as some other 'PNW' region area's, and now Indianapolis. 

Q. Is my purchase a tax deduction?

Q: How can I get the exact name and address of the recipient of my Warrior Box?

Q: Are the people that come to my door paid employees?