Right: [Lake George], Vietnam War Memorial and dedication bench in St. Cloud, MN.

Below: Close up of Memorial in St. Cloud, MN.

Photographs by Shae H.  

              Warrior Box Marketing will have independent representatives in Indiana, Minnesota, and North Dakota during this Spring, [2017]. We are asking community members, of each area to get involved with supporting our troops; through the multiple ways Warrior Box Marketing offers!  Community members can help by donating the actual goods, that are necessary to build our top-quality warrior boxes. (If interested in donating items; please submit an inquiry for our list of military approved items). Another way you can support, is by completing a sponsorship with a representative; which pays for the box, and shipping costs. This option is crucial; due to the fact our demand for items is always increasing. When sponsorships are completed, we are able build the boxes with items we purchase; rather then waiting on community members to donate those items.  Two other ways of involvement are Combat Communication, and joining our representative team yourself! If interested in writing letters; please visit our Combat Communication tab on our website. If you would like to join our team; please submit an inquiry with your resume, and letter of interest.  

Warrior Box Marketing

WBM Midwest Division